HBS Alumni Forums: The Secret Advantage of Successful Leaders

It is our pleasure to once again offer Alumni Forums for HBS alumni in New York. This highly-rated and sought after peer-group program offers these powerful benefits:

•    A confidential Forum to tackle your most challenging business and personal issues
•    An exclusive peer group where you will experience deep connections with 8-12 other HBS alumni
•    Development of your professional leadership skills
•    Learning invaluable communication and relationship building tools
•    A unique networking opportunity that allows you to maximize your HBS shared connection

Your HBS Alumni Forum is composed of 8-12 HBS alumni, who meet monthly and follow a proven format that is supportive and empowering! Topics and issues reflect the needs of the Forum’s members and range from business growth strategies; to the challenges of sudden success; to finding a healthy work/life balance.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about the Alumni Forum Program at HBS Club of New York.

Complete this brief survey by June 24th and you will be sent additional information
and an invitation for an upcoming informational conference call.
(If you have previously filled out a profile with Alumni Forum Services, you will be contacted by them with the conference call date and additional details in how to join a Forum.)

Members of Young Presidents Organization (YPO) and Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) have experienced the power of Forum firsthand. This is the number one rated benefit by these organizations!  They know that a Forum of peers can help them grow their businesses, make tough decisions, and build stronger relationships, personally and professionally.

“Forum has helped me in business in many ways.  It’s been a terrific resource for those hard multi-faceted decisions that involve money and markets but also people and reputation.  Forum training has also given me an additional set of communication skills around listening and getting to the core of an issue inside the company and with customers and vendors.”
John Macomber (MBA 1983), YPO Member, HBS Faculty

The program is offered by the HBS Club of New York in conjunction with Alumni Forum Services, and is open to all HBSCNY members and any HBS alumni who agree to join the club.  Forum members pay an initiation/orientation fee of $600 and an annual fee of $1200 (a fraction of the cost of comparable programs).  The initiation fee is fully refundable if either you are not placed in a group; you chose not to join; or you attend the orientation and then decide not to join.

“The insights and wisdom of my HBS Alumni Forum colleagues have
influenced me greatly since I joined about a year ago.
Their examples will serve me well as I seek to develop a leadership style
rooted in respect for others, transparency and self-understanding.”
David Moeller (MBA 2008)

Please note that participation in an Alumni Forum is a benefit of membership with the HBS Club of New York and participants’ membership must be current before joining an Alumni Forum.

For more information, please visit www.alumniforumservices.com or contact Elizabeth Trigg at emtrigg@alumniforumservices.com or (617)934-2528, ext. 3.