Media Guru: Charlie Redmayne, CEO, Pottermore

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Charlie Redmayne is serious about his dedication to the Harry Potter properties.  In his official biography he identifies his Hogwarts residential college as “Gryffindor” and only then mentions that he is Chief Executive Officer of Pottermore– the interactive community and sales hub for all things Harry Potter.  Redmayne’s mission is to insure the digital future of Harry Potter by creating products and experiences for “every platform that makes sense for the company.”

In June, 2012, he reported at a conference in New York, that in the first two weeks of launching the site, Pottermore had 23 million visits, 8 million uniques, and 5 million accounts set up.  They delivered over a billion page views in that same time period. The numbers would be astounding in any case, but in addition, Pottermore broke the current practice of encrypting individual copies so they cannot be passed along or read on various devices.  This practice is called Digital Rights Management (DRM).  On Pottermore, the electronic versions are only marked with a “watermark,” but not prevented from being shared. Mr. Redmayne says that Harry Potter books are probably the most pirated in the world already because there have been no legal electronic versions until now.  “We believe that people should have the right, once they’ve bought the book, to read it on any device that they chose to,” says Redmayne. Read the article from the Washington Times here.

After brief careers as a cricketer and soldier, Mr. Redmayne moved into the entertainment and communications industry, starting at UK based breakfast TV business TV AM, before moving on to found his own businesses, RCL Communications and Blink TV. In 2000 he moved to one of the UK's leading web publishing businesses, MyKindaPlace Ltd. Mykindaplace was sold to Sky in 2006 where he became Head of Commercial Partnerships before moving to HarperCollins publishers where he was appointed the role of Chief Digital Officer responsible for building their global digital business. He left HarperCollins in November 2011 to lead the Pottermore team.

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