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If you have found this page, then you are attempting to renew your membership.  Click on your current membership category below and you'll go through the renewal process.  If your are renewing early, you get a discounted membership price which is listed below.  If your membership has lapsed, you of course can still renew and receive all of the benefits listed.

Please consider an upgrade in member category.  In addition to your receiving increased benefits, your increased participation will further assist the Club in supporting activities for the full alumni base in the New York metro area.  A strong alumni club is part of the full HBS lifetime experience.  You may not use it or need it all of the time, but it is always there in your corner:  the networking, the activities, the connection back to HBS in Boston. 

Over 3,000 of us take advantage of the Club's activities each year...impressive. So please renew now at whatever level you are most comfortable with and keep us moving in the right direction!