Date: Nov 10, 2021Time: 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Old Country to Ellis – The Untold Story (virtual)

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Join Leah Kaplan for a fascinating and illuminating presentation on the emigration journey many of our ancestors took from Eastern, Western and Southern Europe to America at the turn of the 20th century.

Leah has done extensive research on this subject and has spoken on numerous occasions to enthusiastic audiences, both in-person and virtually.

Here is Leah’s message:

Many of us had ancestors who at one time made the decision to leave their towns and villages throughout Eastern, Western and Southern Europe to come to America. They were fleeing war, poverty, famine, religious persecution, bleak futures without education, pogroms and more. We know they sailed from various ports along the Atlantic, most likely in steerage class. Thousands landed at Ellis Island.

Have you ever asked yourself . . . “How did they travel many hundreds of miles to get from their towns to ports such as Antwerp, Belgium, a major port of debarkation? What inspections did they undergo which allowed them to board a ship? What were the conditions in steerage? What was the examination process and what were the hurdles for them on Ellis Island?” Often, our ancestors never spoke about their arduous journey.

Now, I can take you back to that very “turn of the century” experience. After visiting 5 major research institutions, including the Red Star Line Museum of Immigration in Antwerp, I have gathered many answers. To make it accessible, not dry and research-like, I will relate this story through the experiences of one emigrant, my maternal Grandmother.

I call my presentation “Old Country to Ellis – the Untold Story”.



Leah Kaplan

Leah is a retired physical therapist. She has a B.S. degree from the University of Michigan. She and husband Herb raised their two children in Manhattan and Riverdale.


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Date: Nov 10, 2021Time: 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM


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