Date: Feb 04, 2021Time: 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Alumni New Venture Competition (NVC) NY Regional Startup Company Showcase (Virtual)

Thu, 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM
General PublicAlumni Startups


Meet 40 HBS Alumni Founders at our annual regional alumni startup showcase event!

Learn about their brand new ventures in fintech, edtech, health, fashion, food industries and more.

Gain exposure to NYC’s vibrant startup ecosystem, make contacts with Angel Investors & VC’s.

Don’t miss this intimate, first look at the emerging superstars who have been accepted into this year’s Harvard Business School Alumni New Venture Competition.

The Harvard Business School Alumni New Venture Competition (NVC) is an annual, global startup competition that serves as a launch pad for innovative companies founded by HBS alumni from around the world, providing cash prizes, in-kind services and exposure to potential investors, mentors, and advisors.

The HBS Club of New York runs the competition for the New York & Northeast region, which has the largest number of participants globally. Our previous winners and finalists grew to become some of the most notable startups from the New York area, and we routinely organize and host NVC events that feature successful founders and top New York investors. Open to the public with Registration.

The link to this live networking event will be distributed via email, one hour before the start of the event, around 3PM EST.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the virtual conference format by logging into this interactive guided demo. Additional information in PDF format is attached to this email.

Presenting Companies (some startups are so young, their websites are still in progress!):

  • Abundance – Stacie Smith (MBA 2014) – Beautiful living to the fullest.
  • Adgile Media Group – Mitchell Gordon (MBA 1981) – The first nationwide, data driven truck side advertising network.
  • At Present – Monica Chambers (MBA 2010) – Wear your story out loud.
  • Bloop – Cynthia Foster (MBA 1990) – Using technology to fully leverage brick and mortar retail locations.
  • Bonny – Jessica Postiglione (MBA 2009)
  • Bundle – Kayla Lebovits (MBA 2019) – A benefit unlike any other.
  • Century Press – Alex Simon (MBA 2020) – Because a book should be as special as the story it tells.
  • Digital Nomad – Tessa Vacher-Desvernais (MBA 2018) – Take a deep look at your data with a light touch.
  • – Helen Lin (MBA 1998) – Take a deep look at your data with a light touch.
  • Ellacard, LLC – Francesco Balestra (MBA 2016) – Ellacard strives to keep groups of friends, families, and coworkers close with our collaborative and meaningful multimedia greetings and gifts.
  • eluTag – Mansoor Parvaiz (AMP 2017) – Connecting the electric vehicle ecosystem.
  • Found – Kait Stephens (MBA 2020) – Connecting physical products to digital experiences.
  • Givz Inc. – Andrew Forman (MBA 2018) – Givz converts discounts into donations, increasing sales and user engagement cost-effectively.
  • Harridan Vodka – Bridgette Taylor (MBA 2020) – The Spirit of Defiance.
  • Health Grizzly Inc. – Erin Russell (MBA 2003) – Discover the path to better health.
  • Honey – Chad Olin (MBA 2016)
  • Honor Tag – Danielle Troyan (PLDA 2015) – Remember. Respect. Retell.
  • Hope.X – Denis Vasiliev (MBA 2006)
  • Lambent Data, Inc. – Kirsten Hund Blair (MBA 1989) – Collaborative software equipping social service and healthcare providers and empowering families.
  • Lumina Inc – Michael Jaliman (MBA 1982) – Futuristic Hologram-like Technology.
  • LUNANO INC. – Nasuh Onal (GMP 2014) – Safe, Long-lasting, Self-Cleaning Surfaces.
  • Meloddi – Karen Morven (MBA 2017) – Shopping for baby made simple.
  • Moment – Aisha Chottani (MBA 2015) – Drink Your Meditation.
  • Kin-Keepers – Jose Ramos (MBA 1979) – Seniors have a story to tell. We give them a voice.
  • Orfin Health – Ario Keshani (MBA 2011)
  • Peer Learning Ventures – Lisa Warshaw (MBA 1981) – Cloud-based collaboration based on patented technology.
  • Petventures – Daven Johnson (MBA 2011)
  • Platform USA – Adrian Washington (MBA 1985) – Platforms built cheaper, faster, better.
  • Portage – Diane Guite (MBA 2016) – High-quality rental goods, on-demand.
  • Quoll Intelligence – Benjamin Cohen (MBA 2017) – Climate change is complicated. Knowing how to protect your home against it shouldn’t be.
  • ReLearn – Andrea Zapatka (MBA 2002) – Learning is Better Together.
  • Socrates – Isaac Arash Shadpour (PLDA 2020) – Run Smarter.
  • Steep’t Cocktails Inc. – Chloe Aucoin MBA (2020)
  • Swapit – Catherine Lee (MBA 2018), Wendy Lin (MBA 2016) – Browser extension for values-driven product/brand alternatives.
  • Taffrail – Jim Tanner (MBA 1986) – Personalized digital advice for brokerage firms and their clients.
  • The Climate Board – Ken Bruder (MBA 1991) – Harnessing the power of businesses to accelerate climate change solutions.
  • TuLoves Turmeric – Samir Parikh (MBA 2002) – One Body. One Mind. TuLoves.
  • Veracity – Allie Egan (MBA 2016) – Demystify your skin, start from within.
  • Village: The Wholehearted School – Nicole Ivey (MBA 2020) – Together We Grow.
  • ZeveroDigit – Derek Oubre (MBA 1987)

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Date: Feb 04, 2021Time: 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM





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Kathleen Murray (AMP 1993)