Date: Jan 26, 2022Time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Virtual Company Showcase – HBS Alumni New Venture Competition – N.Y. / Northeast U.S. Regional Competitors

Wed, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Alumni Startups


Good luck to the competitors!

Meet the 2022 cohort of HBS Alumni Founders competing in the NY/Northeast Regional HBS Alumni New Venture Competition! 

The Harvard Business School Alumni New Venture Competition (NVC) is an annual, global startup competition that serves as a launch pad for innovative companies founded by HBS alumni from around the world, providing cash prizes, in-kind services and exposure to potential investors, mentors, and advisors.

The HBS Club of New York runs the competition for the New York & Northeast region. Our previous winners and finalists grew to become some of the most notable startups from the New York area, and we routinely organize and host NVC events that feature successful founders and top New York investors.

Aspen Apothecary – Keta Burke-Williams (MBA 2021)
BlockFuel Variable, Inc. – John McCown (MBA 1980)
Blossom – Om Lala (MBA 2012)
Duome – Raana Khan (GMP 2019)
Ellacard – Francesco Balestra (MBA 2016)
IDYLL – John Vielot (MBA 2021)
Lambent Data – Kirsten Hund Blair (MBA 1989)
OceanCycle – Robert Goodwin (GMP 2007)
Only One Globe/Kinkeepers – Jose Ramos (MBA 1979)
Padverb Corp – Anna Haskell (OPM 2014)
Quarkonics – Tone Rosingholm (GMP 2011)
Sattva Foods – Nishi Anand (MBA2020)
SOAP Health – Steven Charlap (MBA 1988)
StellarTech – Laurie Carey (GMP 2013)
Sunnies – Vaibhav Agarwala (MBA 2020)
Topheo Inc – Anil Taneja (MBA 2020)
Well Tressed – Stacie Smith (MBA 2014)
Xoom Foods – Suresh Annappindi (MBA 1999)


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Date: Jan 26, 2022Time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM


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