Date: Mar 30, 2020Time: 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM

SOLD OUT – VIRTUAL – Inside the Market Turmoil: CNBC Commentator Ron Insana

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COVID-19 is on all of our minds during this tough time but its ancillary impacts are significant as well. The economic fallout has been significant with the Dow Jones shedding several thousand points over the last two-plus weeks. The Fed has tried to do its part by lowering interest rates and injecting liquidity. Capitol Hill is in negotiations for a bailout package, which, at the time of this writing has not yet been finalized.

To get a sense of where things go on the economic front, we have invited CNBC’s Ron Insana over a Zoom Webinar.

This is your chance to ask any questions you might have and how long a potential recovery will take. Please note this is one of our first Zoom programs – we may encounter tech glitches, but please be patient. In the event you cannot join the event but are interested in Ron’s insights, we will pass along some questions to him.


Please note that no refunds will be issued.



Ron Insana

Senior Analyst & Commentator, CNBC

Ron Insana covers the most pressing economic and market issues of the day. He also delivers The Market Scoreboard Report to radio stations around the country.

For over three decades, Insana has been a highly respected business journalist and money manager, who began his career at the Financial News Network in 1984 and joined CNBC when FNN and CNBC merged in 1991.

He has authored four books on Wall Street and is a highly regarded lecturer on domestic and global economics, financial markets and economic policy issues. Insana graduated with honors from California State University at Northridge.

Follow Ron Insana on Twitter @rinsana.


Joanna Stone Herman

Partner, Oaklins DeSilva+Phillips

Joanna Stone Herman is a Partner at Oaklins DeSilva+Phillips and serves as the TMT Industry Group Co-Head for Oaklins International, our global investment bank with offices in 60 cities across 40 countries. Prior to joining Oaklins DeSilva+Phillips in 2011, Joanna worked in several senior executive roles including as SVP Global Strategy for LexisNexis, EVP of Corporate Development for Thomson Financial Corporate Group, VP of Strategy for Thomson Learning and Director of Strategy for Dow Jones. Joanna also served as CEO and co-Founder of Librify, a technology start-up that was the exclusive e-book platform for Target, sold to Scribd in 2015. Joanna has a B.S. and Masters degrees from MIT and an MBA from HBS.


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Date: Mar 30, 2020Time: 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM


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