Alumni Forum

We all face professional and personal lives full of conflicting demands, ambiguity, challenges and stress. Who better to help you “make decisions under conditions of uncertainty” than a small group of trusted HBS alums, acting as your personal brain trust.

An Alumni Forum is a group composed of 8-12 HBS alumni, whose mission is to help its members grow personally and professionally by sharing in an atmosphere of confidentiality, trust and respect. Meeting monthly, members of a Forum have no personal or business connections that might inhibit open communication.

As thousands of members of Young Presidents Organization, Entrepreneurs Organization, and other groups have learned, a Forum of peers can help your company prosper and help you strengthen the most important business and personal relationships in your life. Comments from Forum members include: “The group changed my life!” “My Forum has helped me become a better president, a better husband, a better father and a better person.” “My HBS Alumni Forum has been the most impactful HBS-related experience I have had since graduating.”

This optional program comes with a supplementary fee, which is an investment in your future.

For more information on the program, including the application process, please go to:

The Power of Forum from Alumni Forum Services on Vimeo.