An Alumni Forum is a group composed of 8-12 Harvard Business School alumni whose mission is to help its members grow personally and professionally through sharing experiences and perspectives in an atmosphere of confidentiality, trust, and respect. Meeting monthly, members of a forum have no personal or business connections that might inhibit open communication.

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As thousands of members* learned, a forum of peers can help your company prosper and help you strengthen the most important business and personal relationships in your life.

To speak with an HBS Alumni Forum member for more information, contact John Reese, MBA 1979 at, John Alex Martin, MBA 1995 at, Henry Siegel, MBA 1995 at, or Gadi Slade, MBA 2000 at

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* Involving Young Presidents Organization, Entrepreneurs Organization, Alumni Forum Services, and other groups.



  • Mike WeinbachMBA 2000
    CEO of Consumer Lending Wells Fargo

    “HBS Alumni Forum has been the most meaningful learning and growth experience I have had since graduating. I began participating at a time when I felt my professional learning curve was flattening. For the last decade, my Forum group has been an accelerant to my professional growth and as much or more to my personal growth.”

  • Katherine Bahamonde Monasebian
    President and GM North America Commerce Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.
    Former President, HBS Club of New York

    “My HBS Forum has been meeting for over five years and has been a key part of my life. Without the support and encouragement of my fellow Forum members, I may never have taken on the role of president of the HBS Club of NYC. Definitely worth the time commitment!”

  • Kal Bittianda
    Americas Technology & Communications Practice Group Leader Egon Zehnder

    “My Alumni Forum has helped me look at my life through a different lens. It allows me to take advantage of the unbiased experience and knowledge of others who have no dogs in the race. Our only goal is to help each other professionally and personally.”

The Power of Forum

The Power of Forum

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