Starts: Feb 13, 2020 at 5:00 PMEnds: Feb 14, 2020 at 8:00 PM
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NVC SHOWCASE: New Venture Competition Alumni Startup Showcase

Thu, 5:00 PM to Fri, 8:00 PM Company
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Join the HBS Club of New York and Alumni Startups at our 2020 Alumni Startup Showcase, where we present the startups participating in the 2020 HBS Alumni New Venture Competition. Meet Founders and get to know their new ventures, make new contacts and network with angel investors and VCs.

The Harvard Business School Alumni New Venture Competition (NVC) is an annual, global startup competition that serves as a launch pad for innovative companies founded by HBS alumni from around the world, providing cash prizes, in-kind services and exposure to potential investors, mentors, and advisors.

The HBS Club of New York runs the competition for the New York & Northeast region, which has the largest number of participants globally. Our previous winners and finalists grew to become some of the most notable startups from the New York area, and we routinely organize and host NVC events that feature successful founders and top New York investors.

Preview of Presenting Companies:

  • Brightly Group Inc. – Taylor Noguera, MBA ‘03 – Life fully charged
  • Expect Fitness, Inc. – Dara Cook, GMP ‘19
  • – Alex Sambvani, MBA ‘17 – Helping consumer brands use voice technology to engage their customers
  • Givz Inc. – Andrew Forman, MBA ‘17 – Profit with Purpose
  • GoodLight – Tal Tchwella, MBA ‘19 – We identify risk, so you can solve it
  • Holistic Data Corp – Larry Shiller, OPM ‘98 – Make Data Easy
  • Hylite LLC – Marissa Fetter Hochster, MBA ‘15
  • Joy Books – Minal Mehta, MBA ‘11 – Love and Kindness for the Next Generations
  • KNOW (Working Name) – Allie Egan, MBA ‘16 – Knowing is everything
  • Lambent Data – Kirsten Hund Blair, MBA ‘89 – Collaborative technology & data analytics empowering social service providers & the families they serve
  • Ledger Run – Gary Lubin, MBA ‘86 – Engage Smart
  • modern mammals – Joe Moriarty, MBA‘19 – live closer to natural
  • Movers+Shakers – Evan Horowitz, MBA ‘08 – Spreading joy. Breaking engagement records. Singing and dancing.
  • NICE TO MEET YOU INC – Mohamad Baydoun, PLDA ‘16 – New Age of Networking
  • Noodie Foods – Isabel Khoo, MBA ‘19 – Providing great-tasting, nutritious meals without the hassle of meal preparation
  • Party Dash – Tabitha Salomon, MBA ‘14 – Party planning made easy
  • Competitive Collaboration, LLC – Lisa Warshaw, MBA ‘81 – Improve Business and Learning Through Online Collaboration
  • Priva – Ryan Gee, MBA ‘15 – Managed marketplace & clearinghouse for regional business travel
  • RealDom India Pvt. Ltd. – Tushar Deochakke, SELP ‘19 – Bringing Freedom in Real Estate Transactions to The Fore
  • Squash Labs – Mansoor Basha, GMP ‘12 – On Demand Test Environments to push product to market faster
  • StimBiotics, Inc. – Jeremy Bahr, MBA ‘01
  • Tree of Wally Foundation – Jacob Bassiri, MBA ‘14 – Wallys accepted.
  • Ventoux Partnership Academies – Ian Rowe, MBA ‘93
  • Vizzual – Alejandro Esteve, MBA ‘13 – Be Seen. Be Heard.

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Starts: Feb 13, 2020 at 5:00 PMEnds: Feb 14, 2020 at 8:00 PM


Company335 Madison Ave (between 43rd and 44th)
New York, NY 10017
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Arpan Ajmera, Ali Amarsy, Varun Prasad Athinarayanan, Jeremy Bahr, Atul Bansal, Olga Bartnicki, Mansoor Basha, David Bassiri, Nancy Bassiri, Jacob Bassiri-Tehrani, Bruce Batkin, Mohamad Baydoun, Mirel Baysal, Michael Beal, Renata Bergman, Dan Biederman, Kirsten Blair, Rachel Brannan, Elliott Burford, Fu'ad Butt, Joshua Canter, Jessica Chamoun, Alexandre Chenesseau, Andrew Cheskis, Heidi Coggeshall, Dara Cook, Richard Davies, Gary Davis, Vanya Desai, Byron Edwards, Alison Egan, Michael Essig, Alejandro Esteve, Pierre Estey, Michelle Evans, Elizabeth Fairfax Brown, Zhongnan Fang, Hana Farahat, Gabriel Feghali, Ariel Feng, Marissa Fetter, Thomas Flohr, Cori Floyd, Andrew Forman, Rodrigo Garcia, John Gelb, Jill Goldhand, Alexis Goncalves, Harry Greenfield, Lin Guo, Aayush Gupta, Nadine Habayeb, Amit Halon, Rena Han, Kelsey Holland, Kelsey Holland, Evan Horowitz, Darwin Hsu, Yun Huang, Jennifer Hurford, William Irvine, Sudhir Kakadia, Kiara Kaminski, Richard Kane, David Kaplan, Vini Kaul, Isabel Keller, Isabel Khoo, Kaye Kirschner, Mark Kolb, Sridhar Kummam, Doruk Kurt, Stephanie Lee, Lei Lei, Lana Li, Sophia Li, Chase Lin, Laura Lorenzo, Gary Lubin, Nathan Ma, Sandra Makarem, Steven Malkenson, Taylor Margis-Noguera, Alan Mark, Michael Marks, Mark Mason, Kevin Matto, Robert McManus, Mabel Mclean, Bruno Medeiros, Minal Mehta, Minal Mehta, Varun Mehta, Gregory Meredith, Madelyn Miller, Sam Miner, John Moriarty, Nicholas Morihisa, Christine Murnane, Kathleen Murray, Lauren Noble Haldorsen, Timothy O'Neil, Dayu Ouyang, MARIA C. POU PORTUS, Maxwell Padway, Alvise Pasqualetti, Seth Patel, Douglas Pearson, Jason Poole, Juan Prajogo, Katarina Pregelj, Viktoria Prigarina, Omid Rahmani, Kunal Rai, Andrea Ramirez, Stefany Rodriguez , Eric Rosenfeld, Jen Rothschild, Ian Rowe, Lily Sassoon, Alexandre Sauveplane, Antonia Savaria, Cindy Schreibman, Donald Seitz, Edward Shelton, Kip Shelton, Scott Shelton, Larry Shiller, Timothy Siwula, Steven Skinner, Annie Skoczylas, Charles Soriano, Elizabeth Stahl, Michael Sterling, April Stewart, Baraka Stewart, Rohan Sud, Eunice Suh, Junji Takegami, Xiaoli Tang, Tal Tchwella, Leonor Torres, Eliana Uku, Monica Venegas, Nina Wanerman, Mike Wang, Greg Warshaw, Rob Warshaw, Kerri Williams, Michael Wilson, Edmund Wingate, Simon Wong, Monica Xu, Austin Yu, De Zhang, Helen Zhang, Sue Xu Zhang, Peter Zheng, lillian anselmi, kevin gass, jinbo hu, dayu ouyang, dan schwartz, tristan zhang


335 Madison Ave (between 43rd and 44th), New York, NY, 10017